NBA - Marbury Expressed he has Verbal Offer with Celtics

The professional player of the NBA and 31 years-old, Stephon Marbury, has expressed to the media that he has a verbal agreement with the Boston Celtics, even though the team has not yet confirmed this. Marbury’s desire is to play basketball and if he gets the chance to be reunited with his friend and former teammate Kevin Garnett it will be a pleasure for him, since he has stated he likes to play with him.

However, apparently this verbal deal is just a rumor, given that Marbury will need to get a buyout contract from the Knicks before he can play for another team and this seems to be getting very difficult for him; actually, he has accused the Knicks of refusing getting him the buyout contract because they are aware of his verbal agreement with the Boston Celtics and they don’t want him to help Boston to win another Championship. Moreover, Marbury is concerned about his basketball career and his future and says he just want to leave the Knicks to go somewhere else to have some playing time, given that this has been denied to him since last April due to his problems with former New York Knicks coaches Larry Brown and Isaiah Thomas and his constant drama with the team.

On the other hand, Starbury has also stated that the New York Knicks franchise is playing “kid games” and that this is getting personal with him, which is not professional for an NBA team. Now Marbury’s next step will be an arbitration hearing which it’s going to be held on February. Even so, Marbury worries that Knicks President Donnie Walsh may wait after the final game against Boston on February 6 to negotiate the buyout and that Walsh may not even accept the deal until after March 2, when Marbury has already lost his opportunities to be eligible to play in the playoffs with the Celtics or any other team.

The concerns of the point guard right now are many and he says that the question he would like to ask to the Knicks is: “Are they fearful for me playing for another Eastern Conference team? My thing is, they shouldn't be fearful. They're trying to get under the cap for 2010. They shouldn't be worried about me. You had guys saying I was a distraction, I'm a cancer. If I'm all those things, wouldn't you want me to go to another team?" expressed Marbury.

Also according to some reports, the Celtics are not the only ones interested in Marbury; the Miami Heat are also are looking at him and are interested on his services. Either way, until Marbury can follow a buyout agreement with the Knicks he is stuck to any deal and his chances to play some basketball this season are minimal.

Nevertheless, we hope the best for this talented NBA player and we also wish that he learns from his past mistakes and changes some of his behavior for the good of his career and his team. Whatever happens we expect to watch him playing again and demonstrating some of his great basketball to the NBA fans and the world. The best of luck for Marbury.

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